Skate sharpening basics

This is the anchor for a series of posts about skate sharpening. When you get your skates sharpened, the skate technician passes your blade across a grinding wheel in a sharpening machine. In most machines, the grinding wheel is parallel to the skate blade, like it is in this video: The video mentions dressing… Continue reading Skate sharpening basics

The first picture of metal-bladed skates

It's not the famous woodcut of Lydwina's accident from 1498. Check out this image from Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Douce 5. (I can't post the image here because of copyright restrictions.) This picture is from a Flemish manuscript that's around 170 years older than the famous woodcut. It's a calendar, and the February page shows… Continue reading The first picture of metal-bladed skates