Timeline of the World Figure Championship

This event is now in its sixth year! To celebrate, here is a timeline. This information is drawn from the World Figure Championship website, the World Figure Sport website, the various versions of these sites archived in the Wayback Machine, and my own notes and recollections. 2015 Lake Placid, NY The competition took place on… Continue reading Timeline of the World Figure Championship

Blade gauges

The radius of hollow is very important to skaters because it determines how the blades feel on the ice. It's set during sharpening. When you get your skates sharpened, you can request a particular radius of hollow. What if you don't know what hollow your blades have? Or if you want to check that the… Continue reading Blade gauges

The Waldrons again

Since my last post on them, I've been tracking Mr. W. A. V. Waldron and Miss B. Waldron through Ancestry.com. Here's some of what I've been able to piece together. William Arthur Vaughan Waldron was born in 1876 in Kent and died in 1933 in Penzance. Tracking this name through the census records revealed the… Continue reading The Waldrons again