New publications

I haven't been writing much here lately, but some new things are up on Two videos from my new Evolution of Skating series: Bone skates and Archetype skates. Those links are to the English versions, they are also in Dutch here and there."Whither bone skates research?", a short article summarizing the state of research… Continue reading New publications

Mrs. Syers in the Allgemeine Sport-Zeitung

Header to the first issue available in ANNO (July 1, 1880). I recently discovered the Allgemeine Sport-Zeitung archive in ANNO: Historische österreichische Zeitungen und Zeitschriften at the Austrian National Library. Spanning 1880–1927 with a few gaps, it is a fantastic resource for skating history! (Provided you read German.) This newspaper was published in Vienna, home… Continue reading Mrs. Syers in the Allgemeine Sport-Zeitung

Skaters History on Ice and Roller Skating

The cover of Skaters History. From my collection. I first met this book at the 2018 World Figure Championship when Eddie Shipstad, Jr., showed me a copy he found among his uncle Roy's things. It's a little book published by the author, Julian T. Fitzgerald, in 1916. After the competition, I came home and looked… Continue reading Skaters History on Ice and Roller Skating