Bone skates vs. archetype skates

This short video illustrates the major advantage of metal-bladed skates over bone skates. Even if the earliest metal-bladed skates were used with poles (I'm not sure when people started pushing with their feet), it was much easier to turn on them. Here I'm trying to keep the hockey circle between my feet on my archetype… Continue reading Bone skates vs. archetype skates

Courtney Jones, Around the Ice in 80 Years Courtney Jones's autobiography on Amazon UK. Courtney Jones is being the third Jones discussed on this blog, after Robert Jones and Ernest Jones. I have no idea whether they are related. This Jones's achievement is the publication of a memoir, Around the Ice in Eighty Years: An Irreverent Memoir by an Accidental Champion, currently… Continue reading Courtney Jones, Around the Ice in 80 Years

The bone skates from Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle Revealed from Oxbow Oxbow's new book about Lincoln Castle, Lincoln Castle Revealed: The Story of a Norman Powerhouse and its Anglo-Saxon Precursor describes two bone skate fragments found during the excavation. The authors date them to before the Norman Conquest and include them in the catalog of artifacts under "Recreation"—where they are the… Continue reading The bone skates from Lincoln Castle

Skating in the art of Hieronymus Bosch

I've found two instances of skating in Hieronymus Bosch's paintings. Note that they are all using snavelschaatsen! The Garden of Earthly Delights This triptych was probably painted between 1495 and 1505. Skating appears in the panel representing Hell. Courtesy of Wikimedia commons. The Temptation of Saint Anthony There's a messenger bird skating in the lower… Continue reading Skating in the art of Hieronymus Bosch

My new snavelschaatsen

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on my snavelschaatsen. I started them back around the end of February or the beginning of March, so it took me about 9 months to make them, start to finish. My finished snavelschaatsen. These skates are based on a couple of Hieronymus Bosch paintings and some archaeological finds. The… Continue reading My new snavelschaatsen