Bone skates in De Proefkeuken

De Proefkeuken is a Dutch children’s show about science. In one episode, the two protagonists, Willem and Pieter, make their own skates.

One of their homemade bone skates.

They go to the Schaatsmuseum Hindelopen and see bone skates at about 6:20. Then they go back to their lab and create their own bone skates. They do not use the right bones and attach cords in a way that may cause extra friction on the ice.

They take them out for a test skate on badly chewed-up and snow-covered ice and find that they don’t work well. This is consistent with my experience: bone skates do not work well when the ice is rough and covered in snow. With smooth new ice they would have worked better!

The skates they take out to the ice do not appear to be the same as the ones they made in the lab.

The bone skates part of the film ends at about 9:30. At about 15:30 a sequence depicting a blacksmith making modern speed skates begins. They have more success with those skates.