Timeline of the World Figure Championship

This event is now in its sixth year! To celebrate, here is a timeline. This information is drawn from the World Figure Championship website, the World Figure Sport website, the various versions of these sites archived in the Wayback Machine, and my own notes and recollections.

2015 Lake Placid, NY

The competition took place on August 28 and 29, following a Figure Festival from the 25th to 27th, on ice that had been painted black with white lines demarcating patches. Initially, entrants had to have passed US Figure Skating’s 8th test or an international equivalent, or have competed in the World Championship or Olympics before 1992. Later, this requirement was relaxed to the 6th test or equivalent. The entry fee was set at $500 ($485 early bird, $650 late). List numbers of competitors, figures, scoring info.

The first World Figure Championship was sanctioned by the ISI (endorsement #3-2552-2015). All skaters and judges were enrolled as ISI members by Peak Edge Performance, Inc. It did not use the ISI’s standard judging criteria or format; instead, skaters completed each set of four figures while the judges were absent. A time limit was set for each figure. Skaters commenced as a whistle blew and had until the next whistle to complete the six required tracings; the time allotted was quite generous. A referee watched each skater to note penalties (e.g., if the skater put a hand or foot down, fell, crossed a patch line, or exceeded the time limit), if necessary. Then, the judges examined and ranked the marks left on the ice without knowing who had skated them. Following the ISI system, each judge focused on a particular component: turns, edges, tracing, center, and alignment. Skaters received ordinal marks, which were combined with any penalties to produce a points core for each figure. This system remained in place for subsequent years of the event.


1.1Paragraph Double 3
1.4Change Loop
2.1Paragraph Double 3
2.2Change Bracket
2.3Change Bracket
2.4Paragraph Loop
3.1Paragraph Double 3
3.4Change Loop
4.1Paragraph Double 3
4.2Change Bracket
4.3Change Bracket
4.4Paragraph Loop
Tie breakerRFOI-LFIO Paragraph Loop
Figures skated at the 2015 Championship. The starting feet have been lost to time.


1Jill AhlbrechtRichard Swenning
2Sandy Lenz-JacksonShepherd Clark
3Mandy Sisson-KingStephen Thompson
4Jan CalnanDmitri Peshkilev
5Pamela Giangualano-RobertsChristian Hendricks
6Maggie Licata Brothers
7Brooke Pitman
8Nancy Blackwell-Grieder
9Tiffani Healey
10Tracey Mulherin
11Kami Healey-Netri
12Jennifer Tieche
13Doris Papenfuss
14Kim Millette Verde
Results of the 2015 Championship.

Other Achievements

The Championship was accompanied by a Figure Festival that included workshops and informal competition. This continued in subsequent years.

The Richard Dwyer “Spirit of Skating” Award was presented to Jennifer Tieche. This award “is granted to a person who positively furthers World Figure Sport’s mission by expressing congeniality, dedication, and service to the outreach, promotion, and development of Figure & Fancy Skating, as exemplified by the life of Richard Dwyer,” according to the Hall of Fame page.

2016 Toronto

The competition was held on December 20-21, with practice on the 19th and the Figure Festival on the 22nd and 23rd. This was after rescheduling; it had originally been announced for August 23-27. The competition format remained essentially the same, but no sanction was mentioned in the announcement. Prospective competitors were initially asked to submit videos of their skating, but this requirement was dropped in favor of a description of their skating background. This year marks the inclusion of the first special figure (the Swiss S) and a creative figure.


1.1LFOI-RFIO One-Foot Eight
1.2RFO-LFI Paragraph Three
1.3LFI-RBI Rocker
1.4RFOI-LFIO Change Loop
2.1LBOI-RBIO Paragraph Double Three
2.2RFO-LBO Counter
2.3LBOI-RBIO Paragraph Loop
2.4RFO Swiss S (Bracket Stop Bracket)
3.1RFOI-LFIO One-Foot Eight
3.2LFO-RFI Paragraph Three
3.3RFI-LBI Rocker
3.4LFOI-RFIO Change Loop
4.1RBOI-LBIO Paragraph Double Three
4.2LFO-RBO Counter
4.3RBOI-LBIO Paragraph Loop
4.4Creative Figure
Tie breakerLBOI-RBIO Change Loop
Figures skated at the 2016 Championship.


1Jill AhlbrechtGary Beacom
2Brooke PitmanShepherd Clark
3Chantal GagnonChristian Hendricks
4Tracey Robertson-Hanford
5Jan Calnan
6Nancy Blackwell-Grieder
7Jennifer Tieche
8Ryoko Natori
DNFColette Brabant
Results of the 2016 Championship.

Other Achievements

On December 12, 2016, the IRS recognized the World Figure Sport Organization as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3). The organization’s EIN is 81-2904413.

Inclusive Skating events were added to the Figure Festival. They’ve been an annual feature since then.

The Richard Dwyer “Spirit of Skating” Award was presented to Karen Courtland Kelly.

2017 Vail, CO

This year’s event, held from September 28 to October 1, was called the “World Figure & Fancy Skating Championships” and sanctioned by “WorldFigureSport.org.” Skaters were allowed to participate by skating individual figures, in which they were ranked, but were not considered championship competitors unless they completed all segments. Two men and four women took advantage of this. Instead of charging entry fees, competitors were encouraged to raise $1500 for the organization.


1.1RFO-LFO Circle Eight
1.2RFO-LFO Loop
1.3LBOI-RBIO Serpentine
1.4LBOI-RBIO Change Loop
2.1RBI-LBI Double Three
2.2LFI-RBI Counter
2.3RFI Maltese Cross
2.4LBI Swiss S
3.1RFI-LFI Circle Eight
3.2RFI-LFI Loop
3.3RFO-LBO Rocker
3.4LFOI-RFIO Change Loop
4.1RFOI-LFIO Paragraph Loop
4.2LFI Maltese Cross
4.3RBI Swiss S
4.4Creative Figure
Figures skated at the 2017 Championship.


1Nancy Blackwell-GriederShepherd Clark
2Jennifer LupiaRichard Swenning
3Julie Schott-LipskyChristian Hendricks
4Heather Zarisky
5Sarah Jo Damron-Brown
6Stephanie Chace Bass
7Liz Schmidt
8Kim Millette Verde
Results of the figures event at the 2017 Championship. Only skaters who completed all requirements are included.

Other Achievements

The Richard Dwyer “Spirit of Skating” Award was presented to Deborah Hickey.

“Fancy skating” (freestyle with an artistic orientation) was offered as a separate event with two competitors in the men’s category and four in the women’s.

The Junior Championship for competitors aged 21 years or under was inaugurated.

The World Figure Sport Society offered exams in individual figures during the Festival for the first time. Skaters are scored on a scale of one through six. I posted about taking some of these exams.

2018 Vail, CO

The 2018 competition was held from September 27 to September 30. It followed the pattern of the 2017 event. There were a total of 13 skaters in the ladies’ event and seven in the men’s event, but not all received overall rankings.


1.1RFO-LFO Circle Eight
1.2RFO-LFO Loop
1.3LFOI-RBOI Change Three
1.4LFOI-RFOI Change Loop
2.1RBO-LBO Double Three
2.2LFI-RBI Counter
2.3RFI Maltese Cross
2.4LFO Swiss S with Diamond Coutners
3.1RBO-LBO Circle Eight
3.2RBO-LBO Loop
3.3LFO-RBO Rocker
3.4RBOI-LBOI Change Loop
4.1LFOI-RFIO Paragraph Loop
4.2RFO Swiss S with Diamond Counters
4.3LFI Maltese Cross
4.4Creative Figure
Figures skated in the 2018 Championship.


1Brooke PitmanShepherd Clark
2Lisa ElmoreMarc Fenczak
3Jill AhlbrechtMatt Snyder
4Heather Zarisky
5Nicole Lemanski
6Shannon Cattaneo
7Sarah Jo Damron Brown
8Beth Woronoff
9Jamie Chandler
10Kim Millette Verde
11Elisa Koshkina
Results of the 2018 Championship. Only skaters who completed all requirements are included.

Other Achievements

The Richard Dwyer “Spirit of Skating” Award was presented to Richard Stansberry posthumously.

The Maribel Vinson Trophy Lifetime Achievement award was inaugurated to reward “individulas [sic] who, throughout their life, have had a distinguished legacy within the skating world.” It was presented to Slavka Kouhout Button.

The Edinburgh 8 Record for the most skaters (18) skating on a single forward outside eight was set after the competition ended.

The first perfect 6 on an exam was given to a forward outside eight tested at the Festival.

2019 Vail, CO

The 2019 World Figure & Fancy Skating Championships, held from September 26 to September 29, featured a new requirement: a fancy skating segment replaced the first figure of the second set. Additionally, this year, skaters shared strips instead of having a whole strip to themselves, which enabled the competition to run more quickly as all skaters in the ladies’ event were able to compete at the same time. The division of each set of figures into two flights was unnecessary. This was possible because the figures were much smaller than usual, none larger than a standard two-circle figure from the ISU schedule.

A total of fourteen women and five men competed in at least one figure. Six women and four men received overall rankings.


1.1LFO-RFO Circle Eight
1.2RFO-LFO Loop 3
1.3RFO 3+RBI Bracket – LFO 3+LBI Bracket 8
1.4LFOI Continuous Change of Edge Exterior Loop
2.1Fancy Skating (replacing RFI-LFI Circle Eight)
2.2RFI-LFI Loop
2.3Mini LFI Counter + LBI Bracket – RFO Counter + RBI Bracket
2.4RFI Maltese Cross
3.1Mini RBO Rocker + RFO 3 – LBI Rocker + LBI 3
3.2LFO Swiss S with Diamond Counters
3.3RFO Swiss S with Diamond Counters
3.4LFO Winged Diamond Cross-cut
4.1RFOI Continuous Change of Edge Exterior Loop
4.2LFI Maltese Cross
4.3RFO Winged Diamond Cross-cut
4.4Creative Figure
Figures skated in the 2019 Championship.


1Lisa ElmoreShepherd Clark
2Sarah Jo Damron-BrownMarc Fenczak
3Heather ZariskyBrendan Griffiths
4Shannon CattaneoMatthew Snyder
5Beth Woronoff
6Kyla Jewell
Results of the 2019 Championship. Only skaters who received overall rankings are included.

Other Achievements

The Richard Dwyer “Spirit of Skating” Award was presented to Jonathan Chausovsky.

The Maribel Vinson Trophy Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Donald Jackson.

At the end of the event, skaters were offered the opportunity to set records. Lisa Elmore skated the Maltese cross 16 times on one foot, without touching down.

2020 Plattsburgh, NY

This competition will be held from December 30, 2020, to January 2, 2021.


1.1RFO-LFO Circle Eight
1.2LFI-RFI Circle Eight
1.3RFOIO-LFOIO Modern Quad Mini Composition
1.4LFO+ Modern Twin 3s Mini Composition
2.1RBO Rocker + RFO 3 – LBO Rocker + LFO 3
2.2LBO Counter – RFI Counter
2.3RBO-LBO Loop
2.4LBI-RBI Loop (oriented perpendicular to 2.3)
3.1RFO-LBO Swiss S with Change of Foot
3.2LFI Maltese Cross
3.3RFO-LFO Loop
3.4LFI-RFI Loop (oriented perpendicular to 3.3)
4.1LFO Winged Diamond Cross-cut
4.2RFI Swirling Mirror
4.3Creative Figure
4.4Fancy Skating
Figures to be skated at the 2020 Championship.