Ice Dances, Figures and Exercises

This book was published in 1966 by the US Figure Skating Association, but exists outside of the Rulebook and test structure. It, according to the foreward [sic], exists

to help further interest, proficiency and enjoyment to the skaters who like this phase of our sport.

Ice Dances, p. 3

The book can be divided into three major sections: Skating fitness, dance figures, and dances.

The section on skating fitness is a fairly short description of exercises for improving posture and flexibility. Most are for off-ice use, but a few are on-ice stroking exercises.

The syncopated roll, p. 19
A twizzle exercise, p. 24.

The dance figures are dance steps on a figure eight. The one that survives today is the waltz eight, which is now on the pre-preliminary moves in the field test. Some are quite complex, and I’d have trouble fitting them onto a standard figures circle.

The dance section begins with a glossary of dance terms before presenting a catalog of dances you’ve probably never heard of. Many of the patterns can be found on Skate Dance Diagrams and Tools

The amount of context provided varies. Some include lengthy descriptions, others are just diagrams. The dances are at different levels, from easy to quite difficult. They’re a reminder of age of social dance and should be fun to try on the ice.