Writing projects

The final manuscript atop the archive notes and drafts.

The final manuscript of my book on bone skates is now on its way to McFarland, who will publish it. Watch for it in bookstores later this year.

Now I’m ready to get going on my next big writing project, a history of figures. As part of it, I’ve started a page of resources for people interested in skating them now. Along the way, I plan to produce a few more Skating History Press editions. Next in line is Lowther’s set of three little books: Edges & Striking, Principle of Skating Turns, and Combined Figure-Skating. Only an handful of copies survive in libraries around the world.

You’ll probably see more about figures than bone skates in future blog posts. But I’m sure I’ll find more to say about bone skates—they’ve been on my mind for nearly 20 years.